Makeup Artist Unleashed Master Class Series Orlando, FL

Instructors Brionna Dai-Vance, Jenn Ker, Renny Vasquez                                                                 8 Hours

Diversity in Beauty- THE MAKEUP SHOW NYC

The Business Side of Beauty- THE MAKEUP SHOW NYC  

Instructors: James Vincent, Michael Devellis The Powder Group                                                   8 Hours

CHIC Studios NYC

Instructors Chainelle Molina                                                                                                              Enrolled


              Airbrush                Flawless Foundation Application             Facial/Body Contouring

              HD Makeup          Brow Sculpting          Custom Blending     Eyelash Application

              Color Correction    Body Painting           Hair Styling           Halloween SFX(skulls, characters, etc)

              Tattoo Covering      Prosthetic Applications         Bruise FX              Face painting


Film-                                                                                                                           Music Videos

Love & Hip Hop- Reality TV Series                                      “Finished” by Amenra (VEVO, YouTube)

Produced by Viacom/ Vh1 (                                Produced by Ashley Valentine

Makeup Artist                         (10/1/2016)                                     Makeup Artist                (10/03/2015)


BOYS & GIRLS TV Pilot (SERIES)                                               “The Night Game” by Dark Dahlia

Produced by Legacy Boy Entertainment                             Produced by Christina Sullivan(

Directed by Darik Benard, Terry Davis                                              Makeup Artist               (09/30/2016)

Hair/Makeup Artist ( 08/16/2016)

                                                                                                        “New Years” by Angela Colon”

                                                                                                          Produced by Maritza Clark

                                                                                                        Hair & Makeup Artist        (12/30/2015)


Fendi Runway Show 2017 Fur Collection (  

Makeup Artist                          (05/2/2017)


NYFW Plitzs Runway Spring & Fall

Glam Coordinator Jane Bellis

Makeup Artist                

Awards:        Rated Top 5 Traveling Makeup Artist in NYC (2015, 2016, 2017) –Thumbtack Professionals

                                                 Makeup Artist Unleashed Master Series Certificate (2016) –Brionna Dai


Fendi Fur Fashion Show MAY 2017

Behind The Scenes Jewelry Photoshoot

Behind the Scenes EVERTHANG Cosmetics Shoot

Behind the scenes Finished Music Video